Special made merchandise.
Products that tell your story

We develop and produce custom-designed and unique products that tell your company story creatively.

Whether you’re looking for custom-designed products for a special event, a campaign or for general profiling activities, we have both the ideas, the expertise and the experience to tell your company’s story in a creative way that suits your purpose, needs and budget.

We know foam

Our understanding and control over the entire process, from concept to product development, artwork, manufacturing and quality control, has grown and flourished since we first started making EVA foam swords in 1995. Since then we have constantly been striving to combine the best, most durable materials with safe product design, intricate artwork and innovative, unique design features to maintain our standing as the No. 1 manufacturer of children’s active fantasy toys.

We know foam

The process from idea to final product

Final artwork
Quality assurance

We are happy to take part in the entire process from initial identification of needs to the development of ideas and sketches. We prepare samples, prototypes and final layout. We manage production, guarantee quality and ensure timely delivery. In other words, we make sure your custom-designed marketing products are developed and delivered according to your wishes and specifications.

Liontouch – our branded product line

Visiodan owns and markets the Liontouch trademark, the market’s best-known quality toy brand in EVA foam. In the Liontouch universe, the boundary between fantasy and reality is erased in a way only possible, when princesses and princes, knights, musketeers and pirates meet in a world of shields, swords, crowns and cloaks. Here, we develop toys that support children’s natural play and development. With the best product design, the highest product quality and an uncompromising focus on product safety, our ambition is to create the basis for an active and imaginative play for all children.

Enter the Liontouch universe
Liontouch – our branded product line

Specific inquiry or just looking for ideas?

Get in touch if you have a specific inquiry or if you’re looking for ideas how to tell your company’s story creatively.