Creating products that tell your story

Visiodan is a company that develops products. If you're requesting a specific product, or if you just have an idea, we can help you. We start from a blank piece of paper and from there we develop until the product is right. 

There are countless of examples of products we've developed but below are four completely different cases that all started from scratch. 


Checkered Ninja (Ternet Ninja)

Visiodan is behind the development and production of the Checkered Ninja doll from the movie "Checkered Ninja", which became such a big succes that the assortment quickly grew. Not only did we produce a ninja sword, but also additional characters such as the beloved "Captain" Stewart Stardust. The products now come in more sizes and as keyrings as well. 



For many years Visiodan has been the supplier of many different types of products to the well known brand Playmobil. We typically receive an inquiry after which we control the complete process of development and production. We stick to the agreement and deliver exactly what we agreed on. That's why the cooperation with Playmobil is more than a decade old. 


The National Museeum

Throughout the years we've developed a number of products the castles of the National Museeum, including Christiansborg Palace and Kronborg Castle. Our interest in history, knights, castles and pretend play made us the obvious choice to make the product lines that express the individual character of the Danish castles. 


Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte

Since the beginning of Visiodan in 1997, we've build up an incredible expertise within products made out of EVA foam, in particular swords and shields. This benefits many castles when they wish to have their own special made products tailored to their needs and history. We know how to develop products that fit the individual customer. 

Need help or sparring?

If you have questions about a product, an idea or something else, please feel free to send us a message and we'll get back to you.