Liontouch on Amazon

The toy brand of Visiodan, Liontouch, has been working with sales on Amazon since 2018. The background of this leap was an acceptance of the fact that online sales has changed the behaviour of consumers. 

The process, which started with the decision of making our own webshop for Liontouch, also meant we entered Amazon. A long, expensive and frustrating process. But also a process that left us in a better position - and taught us a lot. 

Today we control our brand Liontouch on Amazon. We decide how the products are presented, we control the price and what gets to be sold where. We are in control. 

The knowledge base we've been building since 2018, we're now ready to share. Our point of reference is our own case, which has gone from nothing to a million kroner (DKK) turnover and we're very practically oriented. Because we control everything about Liontouch, we know a lot about most of it. A selection of the things we have experience with looks as follows: 

• Setup and brand registration
• Strategy; FBA, FBM  or dicret sales to Amazon?• Product registration and information through Amazon's Flat files
• Produkct images
•Porduct optimization; how to minimize the Amazon fees
• Storefront setup; a brand webiste within Amazon
• Advertising
• Export to the US;
• VAT registration
• And much more...

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